Quality Certification is a relative term. It is not absolute. We can have any number of categorization of quality. The grade/shade can accommodate any number of combinations, to suit to the requirements of multitude of customers. We have to ensure only correct scale of classification. A- Quality may not be liked by B-Quality buyers and vice verse. Further, it to the advantage of the organization to classify goods and services, in a befitting manner, such that they can serve wide range of customers

Classification of quality helps the organization many ways:

  • They make optimum utilization of resources, especially materials, and nothing will get wasted. Where raw material is from random sources and good blending of different quality materials can produce multi various combination of products. This is true for textile industry, food industry etc. Raw material is from wide, varied sources and the products are seasonal also .Sticking on to one quality may not yield desired results
  • Organization can have markets for every quality of customers, as customer affordability decides the purchase pattern. All cannot pay for 5 star or 7 star facilities. It is not required also. If an organization matches with the customer requirements, not only on quality but also on price, that is the ideal business strategy. Every Tom ,Dick and Harry are needed for business promotion and multi tier approach can sustain and maintain an organization

Quality Certification can be very handy in dealing with such heterogeneous products. The inspectors/auditors have to ensure that every quality is well defined and nothing gets mixed up .Of course we can have a mixture itself as a quality variation of the product. One has to call a rose a rose and jasmine as a jasmine. It is as simple as that

Here labeling, marking, packing play a major role. Declarations have to be correct and should connote, correct classification of a product

This proves that quality is not only the quality of a product. It covers correct categorization, packing, marking, labeling etc .A small color code marking may reveal the true status of classification of a product

Quality is all pervading and little bit more complex than what we visualize or conceptualize .Manufacturers, Inspectors/Auditors have to jointly decide and declare quality and every one’s role is equally important.

Each finger may have different lengths. But God has created it like that so that, united they can be more useful than as individual entities

Let us work hand in hand for a common cause, case by case basis. Inter dependency, is a noble virtue and mutually beneficial. We cannot live like discrete islands, without communication. We need to work together and unity is strength

Quality Certification

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